We are a family business, founded by mother and daughter. The idea of creating the brand came from the lack of possibility of consuming high quality products for all body types. We then decided to create a brand that would meet our consumer desires.
We are perfectionists, with a simple, timeless, traditionally Brazilian cut. A sexy and elegant touch. With inclusion, quality, and comfort. Speaking of comfort... Our lycra is the softest in the market, and our swimwear provides the most comfortable experience one can find. We have chosen models that adapt to the widest body diversities. 
We care about sustainability, and our commitment to the planet is to create pieces that last a lifetime, our products are durable goods, not disposable, this is why our production pace is much slower than most of our competitors, we believe that slow fashion is the future, and we want to help build it. 
Our goal has always been, that anyone can, if they wish, consume our brand. And we believe that everyone deserves to consume the best.